Our history

At Pajory, we’ve been devoting ourselves to school supplies for more than 40 years.

We believe every article has a story. And every story we create is peculiar, thought to detail, and with very characteristic traits. Still, morality is common to all of them. They are stories of irreverence, creativity and personality.

Each article we develop reflects our values and ambition, and each colour we conjure translates into emotion. We love our work because we are what we do, always placing an enormous passion and ambition in each product, from its sketch to the shelf.

We provide new experiences, but none of them reaches the customer without the promise of quality, confidence and authenticity. We create and recreate our path, but we don’t want to tread it alone. We live by smiles.

We move through the challenges we face daily, and we hunger to want more. We are proudly different. We break with the traditional, and we go ever further. We know no bounds.

In a world full of ideas, we dream big!
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